Protective Silver.

The werewolf threw Konrad through the windscreen and turned to glare at me. Uh oh. This can’t be good. Instantly the silver was in control. Konrad had inadvertently added power to me earlier, my silver taking his in and making it my own. Weird. But something about it had made my control over the silver change. I was able to direct it better. I knew what I was doing for once. Or maybe the silver was doing something else? Either way, I was ready for the blow as the werewolf launched himself at me.

The silver raged as the beast made contact with me. I let my human consciousness fall away, allowing my own inner beast take over. Of course, I don’t transform the way Konrad does when he lets his true colours show. But hey, it’s enough for me.

My eyes flash red dangerously as I throw the creature off, and I race away towards Konrad, making sure no one on the bus gets hurt by accident. Konrad’s wound is healing and he is standing beside me, hunched a little to lower his centre of gravity. Directed by the silver, I follow suit, waiting for the werewolf to leap at me again. Predictably, it does. I’m clearly the one it’s really after. I guess my insult of telling it to howl at a piece of rock in the sky really got to it. I raise my hands defensively, but I’m not ready for what happens next. Three things happen.

The first is the wolf stops short and rips off my jacket. The second is the silver rages protectively, covering my skin completely, abandoning its scarred confines. The third is Konrad turns, stunned as the silver smothers me, shocked. Okay there’s a fourth. The silver shoots away from me, tangling itself around the werewolf. I feel sick, taking in the werewolf’s retaliation through the stream of silver. I cuss loudly and close my eyes against a wave of nausea.

The End

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