Fight for your life.. no really.

James felt the cold phantom slip into the beastly shell that encased him. He shouted for her to stop, but she probably couldn't hear him. The wolf's energy coursed around James, repelling the ghost out of the body. "Idiot." James cursed. But really it was partly his fault, if he learned to live with his fate it wouldn't be so bad.

"Don't you know there can't be more than one soul within a body." James rolled his eyes, he hated the stupidity of humans, ghosts or not. But before long his attention snapped back to Konrad who was scrabbling away. The wolf looked straight at the ghost for a moment, but after it could smell no pulse it bounded straight through it, towards Konrad, knocking him through the front windshield making Beth screech the bus to a halt. Inside the bus everyone fell silent, some possibly got off the bus. James couldn't tell, but part of his human self wanted Konrad to die. Wanted all Vampire's to die.

James looked through the wolf's eyes, he could tell this was why he turned into his werewolf form, because his wolf was protecting him. His wolf fueled by his anger, was trying to protect him. His wolf spirit was part of him and right now it was under threat. But it was Jesse he wanted. Immediatly the wolf stopped and turned, glaring straight at Jesse. It seemed, the wolf remembered.

The End

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