You... You... *thud*

Konrad was stunned. Jesse had attacked him.

"You... You..." lost for words, Konrad just did the natural thing... He punched him. His fist connected with a solid thud into Jesse's chin, and then, when Jesse was recoiling, he kicked him. In the balls. Hard. Jesse cried out in pain. He yelled "F***!!!" Then Konrad followed up with a final blow to the head. Jesse sparked out, collapsing to the floor. 

A minute later, as Jesse was waking up, Konrad delved inside himself and created Silver. Jesse was spread eagled on the floor, Konrad put Silver bonds around his wrists, supposedly clamping the vampire to the floor. He turned around for a second and then there was a knock on the back of his head which sent him sprawling. As he rolled over, he saw Jesse standing above him groggily, saying,

"Got you, you bast..." 

The End

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