On the floor. In pain.


I calm down when I realise Konrad is the one that tore us apart from the fighting. Well, I calm down outwardly. Inwardly I’m seething and I think if anyone says anything remotely irritating I’m going to snap. The silver that had before, felt healing and gentle, now twisted furiously. Before I could figure out how to stop it, it opened my mouth and words spilled out.

‘Konrad, you are the most insufferable vampire I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Even Jesse seems like a nice guy to be around next to you.’ My voice sounds funny as the silver flows through it. My body rises like a rag doll on strings. I walk up to Konrad – or the silver does... not sure which way round it is – and my fist connects harshly with Konrad’s temple. My eyes widen and what happens next is just a big blur. All I know is that I wake up on the floor. In pain.

The End

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