What did I say, Jesse?


"... pathetic leech who doesn't help humans. You eat them!" Konrad just heard this as he came around. He looked around and saw the werewolf grinning smugly. He sighed deeply; a low growl emanating from his throat. Standing up, he stretched his limbs. They'd started aching much more easily lately... Maybe it was his over-use of Power? And then his thoughts got ripped to parts by Jesse and the werewolf fighting. Growling, he tore towards them, standing between them, stopping them from fighting. Jesse, his rebellious mood quelling slowly. Slowly, he stopped struggling, but the werewolf didn't know when he was beaten. Staring at him murderously, Konrad pushed him over backwards. 

"Look, kid, I told him to play nice. But you aren't blameless. Sit down and shut up, would you? Jesse's getting better with the anger, but he don't need much provocation. I would know..." He turned, the stare still on his face, and let his eyes bore into Jesse's.

"What did I say, Jesse? I said, play nice. Play nice! PLAY NICE, Jesse! What's hard about that? WHY could you not just humour his immaturity until we got off, eh? Because you're an idiot, that's why. Sit down. Don't talk."

The End

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