Choise between that and that... Which would you have done?

Oh goody, I was left with the werewolf, because ghosty girl clearly didn’t think I was good enough to talk to. I glare up at James with dispassionate hate. I’ve met a fair share of werewolves and I thought I was getting good at figuring them out, but clearly, I was mistaken. He comes onto the bus with all the swagger and rustic charm that a pirate can possess. Or me. I don’t mind having a rustic charm. We are both used to living rough, by the looks of it. But then after about five seconds of confrontation he backs down and turns into Mr. nice guy. I personally don’t buy it. It’s like looking in a mirror, really. I do that. Confident nice guy. Hah.

Before either of us can say anything, there’s a cry for help somewhere in the bus. A few people got off and then one of the humans shouted something about helping him, please. Uh, why should I? I can’t feed on either of them, therefore making me keeping them alive a completely pointless exercise. I’ll leave it to Bas, or someone else to sort that one out. I settle back in my chair and he shouts out again. Irritated by this, I lean forward and look around, to see if anyone else has noticed. They haven’t, it seems.

‘What’s wrong?’ I ask as I get up gruffly. Hey, it was a choice between sitting with a poofy werewolf or helping a human. As a vampire, which would you choose?




((Disclaimer: When Jesse insults James, the gay werewolf, it is not because I am a homophobe, neither is Jesse. He’s just a werewolf. And Jesse is a vampire. What else do you think was gonna happen?))

The End

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