Unconscious Evil

I flap my hand in front of Meg face as a fan, but it’s hopeless- she’s completely unconscious of the world around. Her eyelids flicker as the olive eyes beneath roll about without direction. Something’s happening. That much, at least, I can tell. I shouldn’t worry, but I am; she’ll be alright in a minute, right? Why did she faint in the first place? The cold panic spreads through my body, whilst on the outside I remain calm. That’s the advantage of being a teacher-you have to control those hidden emotions, and then can pretend to be fine about anything. I look for Raven, but her time is taken up with a new person, who looks as lost and alone as the rest of these people in the Bus. Jenny, too, has her hands full, with another newbie. I think back to when Meg and I got on the Bus, back at the start; nobody had paid us much attention, we hadn’t minded and Meg had gone straight to sleep. I know she can’t sleep much at home-too much panic on her mind, wondering what her mother would do next. Meg hasn’t admitted she has problems at home, but one can see it in her lonely eyes, and at the way she argues with her mother. The poor girl is probably already in hell.

I look up at Mrs. Raisan for help, but all I meet is a harsh stare. She calls Amber and her parents, and as the Bus stops they get off at last. My employer turns to me and looks down her pointed nose at Meg and I on the filthy floor of this vehicle.

“Evil. You’re both just evil. Fine, stay here. But you won’t be receiving any help from me. Mark my words: that girl is the Devil’s Daughter!” Then she turns and leaves me no choice but to continue on the Bus with Meg. She is all I care about now.

I find myself crying-a pain harder than I have ever felt before cutting through my whole body. Why won’t this girl wake up?

“Help! Won’t somebody help her?” I find myself calling down the Bus....

This Bus...

The End

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