As I waited for Eli to return, Alec had came back to the seat. He’d been talking to someone, or something, but now he seemed out of it, or just really deep in though.

“Is Eli still here?” he asked me, and I shook my head, I wanted to tell Alec about the baby that Eli was bringing me, but I didn’t know what he would say. He’d never held a baby in his hands and felt how soft its skin is. No, I don’t think he would understand.

Some more people had gotten on the bus, and I knew that one of them was a ghost. This place was getting a little crowded. But it was fine, I didn’t care, it was better then it just being Alec and I. We’d been alone together for a very long time, and it felt weird, in a good way, to be around other people again.

“Do you recognized the name Eli?” I quickly asked Alec, who shook his head. I sighed and explained to him about Eli, and how we’d apparently known him before  we’d lost our memories and turned into what ever the hell we are now.

When I was finished, we simply shrugged. “That could be true, but how do we know he’s not lying?”

Alec was busy looking out the window, and I then looked out too, and saw Eli, floating along side the bus, waiting for me to open the window. I do, and he slides in holding a bundle.

“Here, I think you’ll like him,” Eli said, as he handed me the little thing. I looked down into it’s face and smiled. The little boy had a stock of curly black hair and bright green-blue eyes. The smiled up at me, and laughed.

“He’s no ordinary baby,” I say to Eli, and Alec was curiously leaning over the bundle as well. He didn’t look like he really cared that I’d just taken possession of a baby, but he was really good at hiding his emotions.

“That’s for sure. I picked him out among many other little monsters at the place. He was different. His life source was strange. I think he’s perfect for you. Also, I think he might be the same thing as you two.”

“No way….” I said as I poked at the little things face, who by the record was still looking up at me and grinning, almost cockily. “Rogue…..That’s what we’ll call him.” And I leaned down and kissed Rogue’s forehead.


The End

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