Where is my Baby?

"I'm...Isa..." I say in my new, distant ghost-voice. 

She smiles and stretches a hand towards me, and suddenly I feel a jolt of excitement. She can see me!

In the hand is a packet of sweets. I loved sweets in my old life, though Mother rarely gave them to me, saying that they were the best way of spoiling a child. Can I still...eat them? I eye the candy hungrily.

"Help yourself," Charli smiles. "I'm a ghost too, that's why I can see you. It's really not so bad once you get used to it. You can float and walk through walls and all of that."

Suddenly I strange memory sparks inside of me. "Julian!" I gasp. "Julian! Where's my baby?!"

She looks confused. "Baby?"

"My baby! I was chasing him when I--" I shook my head, confused. "Julian..."

I remembered the little ghost girl who had haunted me as a human. She still had him, didn't she?

"I have to find my baby," I tell Charli. "I have to know if he's okay! Will you...will you help me?"

The End

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