A Screech of Wheels

Far below me, a young girl lay on the ground, her body splattered with blood. I heard voices, a roar of wheels, frantic cries of a confused baby, and the moans of, "Oh Isa," drifting through the treetops.

The sky became clearer as I slowly separated myself from that body and drifted upward. That wasn't me anymore.

A hundred miles above the earth, I surveyed the scene once more.  The little ghost girl stood beside me, her hand in mine, a ghost-like Julian still asleep in her arms.

"Oh, Isa," she moaned. "No, Isa, no."

"Am I...dead?" I faltered.

She nodded sadly. "You didn't listen to my warnings," she whimpered. "I tried....I tried..."

Then suddenly we swooped down again and there we were, standing beside the bus, which was moving quickly down the road. Standing beside it, still keeping up with it, but not really moving at all.

A girl sat on the seat inside the bus beside the window. She turned and stared out at me. I wasn't sure if she saw me; she was looking right at me. "Hey," I said. My voice sounded spooky and far away.

I raised my hand and touched it to the glass.

The End

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