I wake up.

I look around confused, Jenny is gazing quietly out of the window. I stir, Jenny notices and turns to me.

"Did you have a nice sleep?" she asks. "Quite an eventful one I must say, painkiller over loads, bus crashes!"

I laugh, "My doctor's training is even getting in my dreams now!!!"

Jenny cracks a smile, a proper smile, the first I've ever seen her do. 

"I must ask," I say "Did someone really give away a baby?"

"Yes," Jenny said solemnly "That's when you fell asleep." 


"I don't know what Isa and Celeste were playing at, if I'm honest."

"The ones with the baby?' I question

"Yeah," she nods "I don't have much to do with them but I've heard their names via their thoughts." 

"So what's with this thought thingy?" I ask 

"I dunno, I can just sort of do it." 

"What like Telapathy?"

"Sort of, but on a much wider scale."

I finally pluck up the courage to ask her what's bugging me.

"Are you an alien?"

She laughs, and I mean proper hysterics.

"I don't know if I'm honest." Jenny says "I don't really ask myself that." 

This relaxes me slightly, I mean if she was an alien trying to take over the world or something she'd know it. Mind you she probably wouldn't be queuing up to tell me. 

I glance over towards the other members of the bus. Once again Mr Edward Cullen catches my eye. 

"That's Jesse" Jenny says reading my thoughts. "He's a vampire"

"Hahah." I laugh

"No I'm deadly serious."

I eye him up and down. The facts were there all right.

I was now sitting on a bus with a Vampire. 


The End

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