Makes me wary.

‘Okay. I'm a werewolf. I know. But, what was that? In all my years I have never seen that before.’ James asks, a worried tone colouring his voice. I smile wryly and look up at him.

‘And just how many years have you been around, eh?’ I ask, not expecting an answer. I don’t get one. ‘It’s just silver. Long story short, it’s an experiment gone wrong.’ I say. He looks at me expectantly. I sigh and pull my hand out of my pocket again, rolling up my hoodie sleeve. The silver scars are exposed as I do this and James’ eyes widen a little as he looks at the tattoo like scarring. I can’t tell what he makes of it, I’m too tired to listen to thoughts and I can’t be bothered to try. He’s strangely friendly, for a werewolf. Makes me wary.

The End

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