A New Death-life

I would have to leave the bus. That was the only way to take care of the baby.

The bus pulled to a stop to let on new passengers, and, sighing, I got off. I wanted to wave to Gabby, but she didn't look at me. Oh, well.

Stopping in the sheltered wating area, I glanced around at the unfamiliar place. I guess this would be my new home...maybe.

Suddenly I felt a whoosh of cold air, and the ghost girl was standing beside me. I felt like screaming. Stupid powers! Why couldn't she leave me alone?!

"No, Isa," She moaned, and then suddenly leaned over and snatched Julian away. His eyes flew open and he began to cry. She dashed forward, out of my reach.

"Come back," I screamed and ran after her, not caring if everyone thought I was a madwoman. The ghost girl, still holding Julian, stopped in the middle of the street.

I ran and caught up with her, but before I could grab the baby the bus, which was behind us, began to move.

"No!" I screamed and felt the metal bumper push into my head, knocking me to the ground. The wheels creaked and I saw a blur of red, felt a rush of pain, and then I felt nothing.

I stopped breathing.

The End

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