You annoy me just by existing.

I shudder. So many ghosts around recently. I’ve not said anything to any of them as yet. But this new one grabs my eyes. Brightly coloured clothes tend to do that to you. Since Gabby is busy with her friend’s ghost problem – or whatever the hell she’s doing now – I get up and sit next to this new ghost. She glances at me, then turns her attention back to her iPod. I sit there for a while, able to hear the song she is listening to. I don’t recognise it. Feeling old and somewhat out dated, I shift in my seat and tap her on the shoulder, asking:

‘What’re you listening to?’ she twitches, startled. She removes an ear bud and looks around, confused. I get the feeling she’s not spoken to anyone for a while. After glancing around the bus, she puts the ear bud back and closes her eyes, relaxing into the music. Friendly.

Some strange guy gets on, at this point. I could smell him before the bus stopped. Werewolf. The silver in my flesh wriggles and glows on the surface of my skin as he walks down the aisle. I feel the overbearing urge to send the guy flying, just because he exists, werewolf or not.  Rigid with anger at the nerve of this guy, I can’t do much as he talks over me to the ghost girl. I hope she ignores him even more than she ignored me. Arsehole.

The End

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