Silver, Moonlit Lycanthrope

The moon shone down upon the dark forest, its light covered by the thin, wispy clouds. It wasn't full, infact it was a waning moon. The full phase had already passed. It would be a few weeks before it was back again. James emerged from the dense foilage. He pulled his leather jacket sleeves down to conceal the scars on his arms.

He ran his fingers through his dark, matted hair and his ears pricked back as the rumblings of a bus entered the vicinity. He stuck out his hand, signalling for the bus to stop. "Thank you." He smiled, slightly over-grown canines made his grin have an edge of danger. James' eyes glowed with amusement as he glanced down the aisle.

A Phoenix, Basilisk, Ghost-Seers, Humans and... He paused, his smile vanishing as his gaze fell upon a vampire, a small growl escaped his lips but he shook it away. What really grabbed his attention was a ghost, a ghost dressed in extremely bright clothes. He walked down the aisle, then sat on the bench opposite her. "Hey." He smiled, looking at the woman. "Why so..." He scanned her from head to toe. "Bright. Why so bright?" He laughed shaking his head, ruffling his dark hair. But his joy was silenced when the vampire also decided to begin to take an interest in the ghost too. He swung round, gazing at the back of the chair infront of him. But the vampire was still in his peripheral. His eyes were emerald green and flecked with gold,they seemed so animalistic...

The End

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