Visions--weird Visions--

I sighed and glanced down at the sleeping Julian in my arms. I had either done the smartest or stupidest thing ever, I just didn't know which.

After another few hours of nonstop crying and another diaper change, Julian had finally fallen asleep. I knew he must be hungry, but I didn't have any formula to feed him with.

Bending my head over the baby's face, which was actually kind of cute now that he was silent, I murmured, "Rock-a-bye, baby," and then stopped, realizing the grossness of that song. The baby looked kind of familiar, like someone else I knew.

Stroking his forehead, I glanced listlessly out the window and half-saw the ghost girl standing on the grass outside, once again moving alongside the bus while standing still. "Go away," I snapped aloud, and then blushed as a few other passengers looked over at me in surprise.

She touched her hand to the window and stared at me mournfully. "Go back," she whispered. "Go back."


"Go home...Isa,,,oh, Isa..." She looked just like me as a young girl, pigtails and all, right before I had come to live with Mother.

In my arms, the baby sighed, and his breath slowed. I felt him go limp. Then his skin began to take on a barely pale blue tint.

"No," I whispered.

"Isa...oh, Isa..." She cried softly and the baby, ghostly white, appeared in her arms on the grass outside.

"No," I wept, "No, no,"

And then suddenly she was gone and the Julian was back, sleeping peacefully. I shook my head in surprise.

I have to find formula, I thought. I need help. I have to leave the bus.

The End

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