Making new friends.

After my slightly weird encounter with Jenny I did the unthinkable, I went and sat down next to her.... I know right SHOCK HORROR! You are probably all thinking: 'Hanna you have just made the BIGGEST mistake of your life, you went and sat down next to some one who can read minds for Christs sakes.. if she could do that she might have the power to kill you or something...'  Yeah, but I'll probably be fine, I gulp, "Hopefully...". 

So I went and sat down next to her. "Don't worry," she said "I wont harm you." 

"Ha ha," I said "That's funny, it's like you read my mind!" It was at that point I realised... she probably had.

"Yes" she said "I did indeed." 

"Ok!" I yelled "You can stop doing that it's really freaking me out!" 

"Sorry" she murmured apologetically "I can't help it!"

At that moment my train of thought was broken by a sudden noise, it was a baby crying, no correction yelling it's head off. 

"WILL YOU SHUT THAT BABY UP!" The girl I had guessed being called Amber yelled from the front. 

"NO I CAN'T!" Yelled the girl holding it back "LOOK, DOES ANYONE WANT THIS BABY?"

"No fear" I mumbled under my breath, Jenny giggled. 

I don't know what happened next or who got the baby or what because I was suddenly distracted by the driver.... Her eyes were closing gently. She looked as if she was about to fall asleep... while driving! 

"JENNY!" I cried "Jenny read the drivers mind!"

"Umm Ok, her name's Beth.."


"Oh ok...," Jenny said racking her brains or in this case the drivers "She's taken three paracetamol about 40 minutes ago.. for a headache." 

"Oh god no," I say to myself more then Jenny "That's an overdose she's only supposed to take 2, the side affects making her drowsy!"

I leap up before Jenny can reply and run full pelt down the aisle.

"HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Amber yells but I don't listen.

I grab the driver out of her seat and drop her to the floor. I leap into the drivers seat and swerve narrowly missing a car. Someone screams. I just keep on driving. 


The End

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