New Family for Baby

"You take it, Celeste," the man standing next to us says. Celeste seems to ponder his words.

"Here," I reach out, holding the baby in front of me. Celeste takes it hesitantly and examines it, as if looking for any sign of value. I smile, feeling the weight of such a burden gone. How would I have fed it?

Celeste smiles down at little Julian, almost evily, and strokes his pink, bald head. "Thanks." A trace of sarcasm drips off the words. Oh, well. At least he has a home now...maybe.

Feeling suddenly empty, I make wonder back down to my seat. Gabby watches me curiously, as if wondering why the heck I just did what I did. As a matter of fact, I'm begging to question it myself.

The little Ghost Girl is sitting in my seat. "No, Isa," she snaps. "That was really stupid."

I close my eyes.

"Go back," She orders. "You think leaving the baby with THEM will help matters?"

With a long, frustrated sigh, I wander back over to Celeste. "Never mind," I snap. "I can see you don't want him. I'll just take him back."

Which I do, to the surprised looks of every single person on the bus.

The End

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