Child Auction!

Would anyone like a free baby!”

Someone shouted it, and everyone in the bus looks around at her. The baby had finally stopped crying, and it was quieted. But the girl was obviously stressed out by the thing.

I look over at Eli, who was also looking at the girl and my smiled wickedly at me. We’d just been in the middle of a conversation about how he’d died, but we were distracted for a moment.

‘You should take it, Celeste.” He tells me, but I only laugh. I don’t imagine I would get along very well with it. I’m much too violent for something so small and fragile. I still laugh at the idea.

Everyone who was on the bus and still alert then looked at me. My lips pull back into a smile. To the rest of them I look like nothing more then a fourteen your old girl. But if they knew, they’d laugh, too. However the girl holding the baby was also looking at me.

She held you the little thing, offering it to me. Was she serious? She doesn’t know how much she’ll want it back after she gives it away.          

The End

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