Loneliness and screaming babies.

I notice Raven get up and she leaves, her thoughts filled with one thing: loneliness. Something inside me pangs with guilt at having not talked to her more, me being busy with my punishment and going mental and having a sliver experiment go horribly wrong on me again. I bang on the window as we pass her, waving, projecting a thought at her.

We’ll miss you. I say. I don’t know if she hears me, and I know it won’t persuade her to come back, but I won’t forget the trick we pulled on Bas. A reluctant smile tugs at my lips and I sit back in my seat, Raven already gone from sight.

There’s a screaming baby. It’s annoying, the sound grating against my ears. The noise gets louder and I realise that the person attached to this baby is standing over us, talking to Gabby. I sigh and getup to move out of their way, sitting across the aisle from them. I turn, leaning against the window, facing Gabby and this girl. I keep an eye on them, gazing at the baby dubiously. I don’t like its presence. I can’t tell whether the presence is from the girl talking to Gabby or from the baby. I bite my lip and watch.

The End

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