Raven's gone. What do I do now?

"Oh. My. God."

I honestly have no idea what to say. Instead I dash down the steps of the bus and back into the diner, but the woman is gone, obviously.

"Beth," I gasp, running back up the steps, "I have a problem. Can we stay here for a few more hours?"

"Sorry, kid," Beth snaps, "But we've got a tight schedule to stick to. I can let you off here if you want, though, but the bus is about to leave."

Sighing in defeat, I walk back to my seat and stare at the screaming baby, hoping it will magically poof away. That horrible gypsy woman just left me with a baby. I should have known not to trust her.

"I warned you," a voice in my head whisperes, and I look outside to see that ghost girl standing on the grass outside. Then she vanishes.

Murmuring soothing words, I pick up the baby, who is wrapped in a red cloth, and begin to rock her. I had some experience with children because I used to earn money taking care of Mother's friend's babies sometimes. But I can not keep this baby; that's out of the question.

As I make my way back up the aisle to Gabby, who has just borded the bus, I ponder my options. I could give the baby to an orphanedge or leave her on a doorstep somewhere, but, remembering my own past, that sounded cruel. Or I could see if someone on the bus wants her...

Blindly stumbling into Gabby, I shove the baby in her face and almost wail, "Here. Look what was on my seat." Then sobbing, I told her about the strange gypsy woman.

Her lips are pressed together as she ponders what I've just said.

The End

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