Mental Ghosts.

‘Do vampires get headaches?’ Gabby asks. I shrug and don’t look at her, instead glaring out of the window. ‘Why is it that you call me things like 'insolent brat' and 'stupid', when others like me come to me for help?’ she asks, going on to say in a rather stung voice ‘Maybe I'm not as stupid as you think.’ I laugh at that one.

‘I call you an idiot because you are one.’ I tell her. I smile at her irritated thoughts. But how am I an idiot? Her thoughts scream at me. I look at her. ‘Do I really need to answer that one, Gabby? You’ve not listened to a single thing I’ve said, given away what we are, when we need to keep our existence a secret, you can’t even feed yourself without making a mess,’ I say knowing how hypocritical I am with the memory of my last feed in mind. I trail off as the silver in me twitches. Konrad is talking. Something about being nice. Pfft. I’ll say what I like and damn the stupid old git to whatever depths he came from.

I glance over at Gabby and her face is sullen and resigned. I sigh. The old instincts are kicking in again, telling me to reach out and comfort her again, but I ignore it, pushing away the old Jesse. He died a long, long time ago. Gabby has a ghost problem, and so do I, just of a different sort. Mental ghosts are always the hardest to get rid of.

The End

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