Play Nice

Konrad sighed as Jesse sat down. They'd come back to the bus (now that was an enjoyable experience; he had felt Jesse's terror roll off of him in waves), and Jesse had sat with Gabby for a while before coming back, complaining about her. And then the new girl had gone to speak to her and a brief conversation had taken place. Before she walked back and started speaking to Jesse. Konrad was annoyed of it; it was all so childish.

"Look, Gabby. I'VE got a headache. So yes, we can. Now, next. Could you please try and be at least civil to each other? Jesse, that's you s well. There aren't that many of us; we need to stick together." At this, Jesse gave him a look that said, 'Well, you've changed your tune'. 

"Yeah, yeah, Jesse, I know. Hypocrite that I am, I'm saying that. Now, Gabby, I've put you under Jesse's teaching, so could you two please play nice? I've got some things to think about before we get to the airport." And with that, he lapsed into a brooding silence. Would Pandora still be alive when he got there? Isabella... A mixture of resentment and adoration surged up. Quashing it, he thought ahead.

The End

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