You Want My Help?

"Gabby," I heard the whisper before I heard the footsteps. "Hey, wake up."

I hadn't been asleep, I just had rested my head against the seat and turned to look at the passing scenery. Not that I could see much of the scenery in the pitch black night, only lit by the huge moon.

I turned to look at Isa, surprised at her sudden appearance.

"What do you want?" I asked, rather rudely, I must admit.

She told me quickly about the ghost girl she had seen and the warning that had been given. She spoke so fast that I could hardly understand one word, and I'm from the North of England - we speak at super speed.

I nudged past Jesse again, leading Isa to a spare row of seats.

"Okay," I said slowly, "calm down and tell me again what happened."

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath in, and then began telling the entire story.


"...and she said 'Beware, Isa. Darkness Lurks.' It was really creepy, and I know not to ignore warnings from the dead - this kind of thing has happened to me before."

I'd sat patiently as she'd described in detail the way the girl appeared to be standing still, yet somehow moving alongside the bus, and then the way she seemed to just disappear.

I breathed out slowly, trying to take in all of the information.

"How old are you, Isa?" I asked before anything else.

"Seventeen." She replied, seeming confused.

I considered that for a moment, wondering at what point I'd become a role model for people with supernatural abilities.

"You do realise I'm fifteen, right?" I asked her. Not waiting for an answer, I just shook my head and got to the matter at hand.

"I've never experienced anything like this before." I said bluntly, to the point. "Normally, when I speak to dead people, they are just like lonely living people who have had to suffer an extreme loss. They're usually extremely sad, but none of them have any special insight."

Isa nodded, keeping up with me.

"Then..." She paused, thinking about what she was going to say."Why do they tell me these foreboding messages?"

"I honestly don't know for sure. But I have a theory that the dead ghosts and spirits that you see were people like you and me... well, like you," She looked at me, confused, and I shook my head and continued, "people like you when they were alive; with the ability to see or hear or know something that 'normal'" I made quotation marks in the air with my fingers, "people can't. Because I don't understand why spirits who have never been to heaven or hell would know that kind of thing.

"That's alot to take in." I added, as a side note. "I'm going to go talk to Jesse. Just think about what I've said and let me know if you have any questions."

I slumped back into my seat next the window, after clambering over the grumpy vampire for the fifth time, or something like that.

"Do vampires get headaches?" I asked him, rubbing my temples with two fingers on each hand. He just shrugged, not offering any information.

I sighed, still rubbing my head.

"Why is it that you call me things like 'insolent brat' and 'stupid', when others like me come to me for help?" Admittedly, she was probably misguided, but that's not the point.

"Maybe I'm not as stupid as you think." I said, failing epically at my attempt of nonchalance.

The End

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