Sorry, Jesse.

After Jesse had a fit of anger and started hissing at me angrily, I went to go and say sorry to Isa.

I muttered to myself as I walked down the bus to her. All I'd done was say she smelled good, I'd told my friends they smelled good back when I was human, hadn't I? Jesse has huge over-reactions sometimes.

The deed done and Isa - hopefully - less terrified of me, I went back to sit next to Jesse.

"Sorry." I muttered, my voice breaking. His body was rigid beside me, the irritation tangible.

He nodded once, stiffly, looking straight ahead. I sighed and resumed staring out of the window.

It was night, and the moon was bright - almost full. I thought for a moment about how weird that was, hadn't Lillith changed on a full moon? Oh well - this is the Protagonize Bus. It's special.


The End

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