"Wake up!"

I was lying in my bed at home, watching the newly-risen sun glittering ove the tree-tops. Wait. The sun? It shouldn't be up yet...

I glanced at the clock on the table beside my bed. 10:15! Oh no! Mother would be furious. I wondered who had done the morning chores, and why she hadn't waken me up yet.

I jump out of bed, and suddenly the floor gives way beneath me and I am spiraling down through infinate blackness, visions swirling around me, and in the middle, a tiny, ghost-like girl with pigtails, moaning, "Isa! Oh, Isa! What's wrong, Isa, oh Isa! Oh, Isa!"

"Isa, oh Isa! What's wrong! Wake up! Wake up!"

I open my eyes hesitantly to see Raven staring at me. "Are you okay," she demands. "You were screaming..."

I shake my head slightly, still dizzy from the realness of the nightmare. "I saw these things..." I murmur. "Calling to me..."

Raven puts her arm around me. "Well, don't worry about it," she says. "You're safe here...for the most part."

I don't dare go back to sleep after that, so I just stare out the window of the bus at the black countryside racing by. Almost everyone else on the bus is snoring, only Gabby, a few rows ahead, and the man next to her seem awake. I sigh.

Suddenly I hear a tiny voice, and I look out the window in shock to see a little girl, just like the one from my dream, standing on the grass beside the bus. Although the bus is moving and she appears to be standing still, I continue to see her.

She lifts up her hand and says, "Isa. Beware. Darkness lurks."

Then she vanishes into the mist.

The End

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