I'm Hanna...

     And I can't think of anything to write. Well what did I expect trying to write on a bus... it's not just the constant jolting but the fact that some of the people on this bus look well strange.... I don't just mean strange lke the school kids who get on the 625 in the morning but proper weird. 

       For example there's this dude sitting a few rows back and well I reckon he could star in Twilight hes so pale. And the people opposite him look like extras in Harry Potter!  And what do I say about the girl sitting next to Mr Edward Cullen? Well to begin she looks so shifty I wouldn't be suprised if she produced a gun from behind her blazer any minute. 

I glance towards to girl opposite, I gather shes called amber if the phone charm attatched to her i-phone is anything to go by. I acertain her status: rich kid. I am very good at understanding people just from a glance... 

I look down once more at my so far blank paper, I sigh and get up to go to the bathroom. As I do so a girl sitting quietly in the corner catches my eye; she smiles. I smile back, I ascertain her status: she lost somehow or alone. I feel the urge to comfort her or something... Weird. I turn away, her name's Jenny. And I know this because she told me in her mind. "Hello," she said "My name is Jenny."

Well... looks like I made a friend

The End

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