What Raven Did

I stare down at the little furry creature beside me. "Um..." I try to think of what to say.

"Are you afraid?" Raven asks hesitantly.

"Well..." Am I afraid? Yes, I am. Suddenly I regret my descision to get on this bus in the first place. Things are getting wierder and wierder. First I am told I smell good by someone who shares my secret, and then my only friend suddenly turns into a bobcat.

"You are, aren't you," says Raven, answering her own question. "I'm so sorry, Isa. It's still me, I swear it is. I just can change forms."

I sigh. "I'm not afriad of YOU, it's just...that girl was right. It is pretty wierd here."

Raven slowly shifts back into her human form and sits down beside me again. "I know," she says, "and you have no idea just how wierd things were before you got here. But--"

We both turn to the sound of footsteps behind us. I gulp. It's that girl again, that weird one that supposedly shares my secret.

"Hey," she goes, "Sorry if I creeped you out earlier. I'm Gabby, by the way. Can I talk to you for a second, Isa? Alone?" She glares at Raven as she says this.

I stiffen. There's something wierd about Gabby, I'm not sure I like her. "Okay..."

I follow her to the very back corner of the bus. "Now," she says, "I wasn't kidding when I said this was wierd."


"I know Raven probably told you to steer clear of me. But--I'm not really a bad person. I just want you to know."


She smiles. "And if you ever need anything, just come and find me, okay? I'll help you out."

I gulp. "Um...okay."

The End

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