All the maturity of a 15 year old brat.


Gabby gets up and talks to the new girl. ‘Oh, and, by the way, you smell really good’ she says. My eyes widen and I wait for her to come back. She slides into her seat a moment later and I explode in a miniature, somewhat controlled fit of rage.

What do you think you were doing?’ I hiss at her, only just keeping myself from ripping her throat out myself.

‘What d’ya mean?’ she asks.

You told her she smells good!’ I let out a high pitched whining sound that is a strangled scream. ‘You’re not supposed to tell people we exist. It’s supposed to be a secret.’ I cannot believe her stupidity. ‘Are you asking to be hunted down and killed by humans?’ I put my head in my hands and pull at my hair. I can feel the silver waving slowly beneath my skin, like reeds in a gentle breeze. It’s trying to calm me, I’m sure, but the sensation makes me freak out even more.

I’m not having a good day. Bloody silver and incompetent half bloods. Had she not listened to a single word I had said to her? Stupid question, of course she hadn’t. She was too busy being a petulant little BRAT. I growl into the palms of my hands and stand up abruptly. I stalk down the bus to Konrad and sit next to him, attempting to control my temper. He turns to me with a questioning, icy glare.

‘Just rip my head off and fill it with diamonds and silver. Gabby is driving me insane.’ I tell him, punching the back of the chair in front of me. He shakes his head and tells me to go back and sit with her. I would protest, but he would force me to, regardless of my opinion on the matter. I sit next to her with all the self control I can muster, but she doesn’t need mind reading abilities to tell I’m pissed off. The air around me is thick with irritation.

The End

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