The Story of Isa


I am confused. I stare into the eyes of that girl, the friendliness there lighting up her whole face. I can almost feel her warmth spreading to me, comforting me.

It doesn't matter, really, wheather I tell her or not. She would find out eventually anyway. And something in me, nagging me, is forcing me to speak. I open my mouth, decided on telling the story...but before I can speak I start to cry.

Raven simply puts her arm around me and lets me sob on her shoulder. When the loud cries finally fade away to little sniffles, I wipe my eyes and turn towards her.

"I'm sorry," I sniff. "I don't mean to be such a baby. But--"

She smiles. "It's okay. What's wrong, though?"

I close my eyes for a moment and then stare straight at her. "I can see things. Things most people can't."

She looks confused. "You mean, like, the future?"

I shake my head. "No, like, people. Spirits, ghosts. I can see them and I can talk to them." I pause, waiting for her reaction.

She looks interested, but not afriad. "Go on."

"After I was born I lived the first seven years of my life in an orphanedge, but I was haunted by things there. Everyone knew I was different, and none of the other kids would talk to me. So I ran away.

"I fell asleep in a barn and met a ghost there, who told me that he knew where a woman and her husband lived who wanted a daughter but had never had one. I went to the house and begged her to take me in, and she did. I had to work--cook and clean--but she was kind to me and treated me like a daughter, and let me call her Mother."

Raven was still smiling, but her eyes looked more serious. "Then what happened?"

I sighed. "I lived with her for ten years, and then...about a month ago...her husband died, and she was devastated. She knew about my gift and begged me to bring him back to life, but I can only talk to the spirits, I can't revive them."

Raven nodded. "So..."

"She was angry with me. She told me that she would turn me out on the streets if I didn't bring him back. Then she started to go insane. So I left. I packed up everything I had and got on the bus, and here I am now."

I took a deep breath and waited for her to speak, knowing her opinion would decide everything.

The End

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