Give him a few decades.

Just as I had given up squealing at Konrad, the red ant sized bus came into sight. It gets bigger at an alarming rate as Konrad soars towards it. I squeak again, horrified at the rate of our descent and close my eyes. Konrad abruptly lets go of me and I screech as I fall from his claws, transforming the second he lets go of me. I land inside the bus, crashing onto the seat beside that broken window, cracking my shoulder and arm as I land awkwardly. I shout and scrabble up, ignoring the raging pain.

As Konrad lands a fair bit more gracefully beside me, I let out a stream of curses to let him know just what I thought of that stunt. My vocal cords seize up and I choke as Konrad glares at me. He becomes that wolf again and pushes my legs off the seat, sitting beside me. I haul myself up and focus on setting my bones in the right places before they heal. I’m fairly sure our stop must be coming up soon and I glance around looking for Gabby.

Get off my vocal cords you miserable old sod. I project the thought with irritation enough to make him look around at me with an expression that says “now why do you think I’m restricting you in the first place?” I sigh and apologise mentally, explaining that I’m going to go sit with Gabby, just like I’m supposed to.

I breathe with relief as Konrad lets up, releasing me. I get up with a mixed sense of annoyance and dread and make my way over to Gabby and slump next to her wordlessly. The silence between us is one of mutual dislike and we sit there ignoring each other. I can hear her wondering about Alex and then cursing herself for her stupidity. I nod gently to myself, the movement imperceptible to most humans. Gabby sees it though, from the corner of her eye.

‘What?’ She snaps.

‘Calm down grumpy,’ I tell her, without answering her question, ‘you know I’m only here because I have to be. Because you were stupid enough to force your way into vampirism.’ She doesn’t reply but I can hear her thoughts spark up again. ‘I’m sure Alex will get over it one day, you know. Give him a few decades to lose his soft humanity.’ I say a grim smile playing on my lips.

The End

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