I guess I have nothing better to do.

Celeste began telling her life story to someone, leaving me standing there, feeling like an idiot. I thought about going to talk to Eli, but he seemed eager to talk to Celeste himself. Though, it was hard to tell, what with him being translucent, and all.

I walked up the aisle towards my seat near the back, stepping over a girl who appeared to have fainted and a man who may or may not be her teacher - he was looking at her in a very non-teacherly manner.

Fainting and illness happened often on the bus and I decided to just let the two of them get on with it themselves.

I remembered for a moment that our stop was - probably - coming up soon. Which made me wonder what Jesse was up to. Meh, it didn't matter anyway, not that I cared about him or he cared about me.

Instead of thinking bitter thoughts about Jesse, I thought bitter thoughts about Alex.

Is it possible that e could really hate me? Yeah, I know that I forced myself upon him, making him drink my blood and turn me, but he should have realised that that was what I wanted.

Not that I did now...

Stupid Vampirism, I thought to myself. I then sighed, changing my mind. Stupid Gabby.

The End

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