Obsessed or Possessed?

Raven narrates her sorry tale of rejection to me. I know what it feels like to be rejected, but can’t bring myself to tell her this... Although she had said that she may not be able to answer all my questions, I still feel the unhealthy desire for unearthly knowledge rising in my cold heart. "Bullies, eh? I suppose if it weren't for them I wouldn't be here now...Whether that's a good thing I' not too sure, but hey, I met you! OK, off on a slight tangent there..." Raven had said to lighten the mood, but, although I acted more chilled out then, there is still agony in my heart too.

Jenny wanders over and says:  "Meggie, I'm not ignoring you. Of course I'm still your friend! Whatever gave you that idea?" Just says it straight out and blankly to my face. And what do I do? I just stand there, blinking, with eyes like saucers at her. "I can read minds, you know," she then says, reading my astonishment as confusion.

And now I’m torn between Raven and Jenny. On the one hand there’s a shape-changer who knows what she is and who has the ability to answer at least a couple of my questions; on the other hand, there’s a good friend who just admitted that she still wants to talk to me…But now Jenny’s talking to one of the newcomers. How does that come into what she was just saying? Why is she leaving me out?

Deep inside I can hear how childish these comments sound-but now I do feel like a child, new to all these amazing aliens!

Pain strikes in my head as I consider my options. I feel obsessed-or am I possessed? - With mindless, unusual greed. Emotions swirl in my brain, causing the dizziness I feel: love, sorrow, pain, regret, freedom…

And with that I collapse onto the floor of the Bus, and lastly feel soft hands reach for me.


 “Listen, I’m sorry but we can’t get off now,” I whisper under my breath at Mrs. Raisan, “Meg Greene is still here-and she’s been helping the…creatures with their problems.” Such a kind girl, my mind thinks again. Meg’s talking to the Raven-creature thing, and by the looks of it, now Jenny as well. Mrs. Raisan responds but I’m too focused on Meg and her friends to hear it.

“Mr. Bible?” She calls to me, then shakes her head when I finally turn my attention back to her. “We can’t do that-everything’s scheduled. Yes, we may be a bit late, but the hostel will still accept us.”

“There’s hardly anyone here though!” I say loudly, and turn, hoping Meg didn’t hear that we’re talking about leaving the Bus. Luckily she’s engrossed in Raven’s words.

“Nevertheless, we must be getting on with our pilgrimage. Work doesn’t wait you know,” Mrs. Raisan said curtly.

 “Well, you can get off, but I don’t think Meg will. And I’m not leaving her.” I snap suddenly at the elderly lady. I blush at my angry retort; what is wrong with me? Well, okay, I know the answer to that question, but certainly will not admit it in Mrs. Raisan’s company…

 “Sorry…” I buckle under the weight of The Head of Religious Studies’ glare, “I’ll…go tell Meg the bad news then…?”

I find my feet taking myself back to Row Six, where I see Meg mutter to Raven then get up and sway a little, a hand dramatically positioned on her forehead. Suddenly with a gasp she topples into my outstretched arms, unconscious.

“Meg!” I cry, as I begin to lay her on the floor of the Bus. Despite the girl’s pain, I don’t want this moment of her in my arms to end.

The End

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