Let's Start at the Beginning....

            “Let’s start with what I remember. It was a very long time ago, and my sister and I found ourselves sitting in an old park, alone. We didn’t know how we got there, what had happened before then, or who we were. All we knew was that we were brother and sister, and that something wasn’t quite right.

            “We later found out that no one in the town knew us either. In fact, we aren’t really sure that Alec and Celeste were our names, but I had a feeling. It seemed like feelings were the only thing that we were following. We traveled around, trying to find something about ourselves.

            “We found very little, except that we weren’t human. We require no food, water, sleep or oxygen, yet we have no thirst for blood, we do not change form or anything special like that.”

            I stopped and thought about how I’d tell her the next part. It wasn’t a tale for the weak minded, however her mind seemed strong enough to handle it. Her opinion, although…..I didn’t know what she’d think.

            “Then what happened?” she asked curiously. She seemed drawn to the story.

            “Well, we got into some trouble. Serious trouble. And, well, it wasn’t a pretty sight.” She kept looking at me with those eyes, and I couldn’t stop myself from continuing. “A group of werewolves were on our case about being in the same territory. To keep ourselves alive, we killed many of their pack members.

            “If anyone was a threat to us, we took care of them. Well, not anyone……There was an exception to that. Her name was Layla, and she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. But she wasn’t just a pretty face, behind it, she was fierce and strong. Just like her father, he was the pack leader, the alpha.

            “There came a moment, when I’d had to take her father’s life, and she’d hurt my sister, very badly. She tried to round on me, but I was quicker. I caught her, her life was mine for the taking.”

            “But you couldn’t,” Jenny concluded in a small voice. I nodded. “I couldn’t do it, take the life from those eyes that maybe shined a little too bright.” I looked past Jenny, remembering her eyes at the moment I’d her a choke hole on Layla, a blade to the back of her neck.

            “To this day, I don’t know if I made the right choice.”    

The End

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