Lucky Numbers

            “You seem familiar……In some way.” I told Eli, after taking one last moment to fully confirm that I had no idea where I knew him from. His lips slowly pulled back, making a sly smile.

            “But you don’t remember, do you?” he said slyly, I shook my head, wondering what he meant by that.

            “Of course you should recognize me, but something happened to you, and you’ve lost your memory.” He continued after seeing my complete question mark expression. “I was you and your brothers’ best friend…..until I died.”

            Until he died. My brother and I died too, somehow. Now we walk, undead and unsuspected among the living with so many others who are hiding, too.

            “How did that happen?” Gabby was still here, listening to Eli.

           “Well, let’s just say that hanging around Alec and Celeste wasn’t really a good thing at the time.” He said thoughtfully. “They were wanted, you know, by the society.”

            I stared at him for a moment. He didn’t look like he was joking around, but then again, he is a ghost, you can never be sure.

            “We were wanted? What for?” I asked, trying to stay calm, I really wasn’t calm at all in reality. I knew that something bad had happened to my brother and I, but I didn’t think that it was so bad that the society was after us.

            “Well, there were lots or reasons. But the main reason was…well-“

            “What was it!” I snapped, losing my patience.

            He looked at me and gave me a sympathetic kind of smile. It kind of broke my heart; I don’t know what it was like between me and him before all the memory loss and stuff, but I definitely felt some kind of connection towards him now.

            “It probably was because, well, you and Alec are your parents Thirteenth children.”  

The End

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