I don't like flying.

With a groan and some effort, I get up, no thanks to the Elder. He just stands there glaring at me. I feel vague confusion from him, but it doesn’t compare to what I feel. I lift a hand to my neck and feel it with a couple of fingers. I can’t feel any new scars, and my hands have no marks on them now... I guess we’ll have to figure this out later.

‘Jesse we need to get to the bus. No arguing.’ I nod, but I stay where I am. I flinch as Konrad comes over to me and raises a hand. I take a step back and get ready to run to catch up with the bus, except he grabs my arm. ‘Hey! What gives?’ I swear at him but he doesn’t let go. I feel my body changing and I do not like it. He’s turning me into a damn mouse! I would swear some more, but my vocal cords have already been changed beyond recognition. I can only squeak. I can’t even bite him from this angle, either. His hand becomes talons around me, and suddenly we’re in the air.

I. Do. Not. Like. It.

I squeal and screech in his talon but he doesn’t land. His leg twitches though, and I shut up, terrified that he will be tempted to drop me.

The End

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