Stranger's Curiosity

Raven flings her hands around me-which takes me fully by surprise and we crash into one of the seats behind me. She’s in her human form now-in fact, I feel silly for thinking she looked like a raven earlier…Although, this lady has a bird-like quality, and I could be forgiven for getting confused about what form a shape shifter has. Does that make sense? To me, it only just does…I’m on the edge of confusion; waiting to fall into the dark, hungry abyss below. The only thing stopping me is the curiosity for information from this beautiful…bird…?

"Of course I remember you! Cheetahs don't eat sweets."  Oh, great, the only thing she remembers of me is how much of an idiot I am. But before I can justify my stupid actions, Raven’s thrilled voice is off again.

"How rude, I never asked for your name! I don't know if you've heard, but I'm Raven. Nice to speak at last!"

I laugh as I take the offered hand-not rudely, mind-this is a great change from a minute ago when I felt like the world should just give up on me, end my pitiful life and let everybody else enjoy their lives without caring. Must have been hormones!

“Yeah, I know…” I say, still giggling to myself, “I’m Meggie. And, um, yeah, I would have said we’d met before, but lying in the road…isn’t really meeting, is it?” We plonk back into the seats, before I feel brave enough to quench my unhealthy desire for information.

“What are you? I’m-I’m sorry if that question sounds blonde but, you know, there are people in this world who have no idea about…well, aliens, like you…Or is it just me and my…my…teacher?”

Looking over at Aidan is hard, but when I pluck up the courage to turn I notice he’s not sitting with Jenny anymore; he’s returned to Mrs. Raisan at the front, and they are talking in whispered voices. Jenny has moved to sit with one of the new people. I thought she was my friend, now she hasn’t even paused for reconciliation…

I feel a hand on my shoulder, it’s Raven and I think she can see my pain. Probably from the fact tears stream down both my cheeks.


I wave her away. “Just answer my questions. Why hasn’t the world seen such creatures like this before? Why…why is it only now, on this STUPID BUS JOURNEY that everything comes alive to me? Why?”


Why is my world full of unanswerable mysteries?

The End

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