Running Gold and Flying Feathers

Phoebe stopped, her heart jumped in her chest as the last of the sunlight spilled through the windows. She looked up at the orange sky and longed to fly among the clouds. She looked at Bas, then to the window. "Surely he wouldn't mind if I just went for a few minutes?"  She stood up and walked towards the front of the bus. She turned to Beth. "Please stop the bus. I want to get off, but don't worry. I will meet you further up the road." She smiled and got off when the bus stopped.

She sat on the floor, crossing her legs she channeled the fire within her. Her hair began to smoke, her eyes turned to flame. Before long her whole body began to smoulder and then spark. Leaving in the flames a bird of red, orange and gold. She spread her smouldering wings and took to the skies. She dived and whirled through the dying sky. She loved the sunset, it was a chill energy but it looked so pretty. She sung as twilight encroached from under the horizon.

As the moon began to cast its eerie glow upon the bus she flew a few paces infront of it, giving her time to change back. She stood at the bus stop and changed back into her human form, the flames enveloping her once again. Feathers surrounded her as she began to develop her human features again. As they began to float to the floor they were whisked up by the gust of wind brought by the smokey bus. She coughed as the pure air was taken from her lungs. She got upon the bus, holding out her palm. Within it was liquid gold. She made the gold form coins and gave them to Beth. "Thank you." She smiled and sat back upon the bus, next to Bas. She felt refreshed by her flight. But once more she held out her hand. In it, more liquid gold. She manipulated the gold into a ring. Two snakes twined together. She passed it to Bas. "Here, a thank you present. For, well..." She paused, kissing him. "Everything." She smiled, her eyes began to flicker with life as she leant towards him kissing him once more.

The End

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