Two Minds are Better Than One...Of Five then Four

I sighed. I wasn’t the only one who was confused about things; her thoughts were so jumbled….

            “Do you understand what you see…..Or rather feel? Would like for me to explain it all?” I asked her after a moment’s hesitation. My question seemed to have taken her off guard, for her eyes grew wide and she got this twitch in her eye.

            But she nodded, after a couple moments of thought.

            “May I sit with you, then?” I asked, and she nodded slowly. I manouvered myself around my sister who was still deep in conversation with the ghost, and sat lightly beside Jenny.

            I didn’t understand why I was telling her this. She was only a human; I think. But I had this feeling, a strange bubble within the depts. of my mind that made me want to tell her everything. Maybe it was the fact that no one besides me and my sister know our whole story, and I’m desperate to get it out.

            And, I don’t think telling her will hurt. She might be able to help. How? I have no idea, but three minds is better then two….Well maybe five is better then four, because I have no idea of what my sister, Gabby and the ‘Ghost’ are talking about. She could have very well told them by now.

            "Well.....Where to begin?"

The End

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