I didn't SEE, exactly ...

I reply tentatively.

"I didn't see, exactly." I don't know how to put my feelings into words - or even thoughts.

A questioning tendril comes from Alec's mind.

"I sort of ... felt." It wasn't images or words that I saw in people's minds. It was more like a feeling that I knew what they were thinking, becauase I felt it too.

"You're ancient. And hurting. You're confused - you're worried about your sister, because you can't see the ghost she's talking to. I felt its mind though. It's there - you don't need to worry any more." I pause. "You're wondering what I am, and you're wondering whether you did the right thing..." I don't know how I know all that but I do.

"And that's ... that's all." It's not, and I know it. I think Alec knows it, too, because his next question throws me completely off guard.

The End

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