What was I thinking?...I donno, you tell me!


            I found her; the one who’d searched my mind. Jenny, I’d heard people call her. She was looking back at me at the moment, as if she cold tell I was looking foe her.

            “Was that you?” I asked her calmly through my mind. I could tell by the few seconds that she’d been in my head that she was quite capable of reading people’s thoughts as she pleased.

            She shied away from me in fright, I think. I hadn’t meant to scare her, I was just wondering. Many people find themselves nervous around me and my sister. It’s always been that way, it’s as if their conscience tells them that we are not normal; we are to be feared.

            “Yup,” even her thoughts were full of edginess. “I didn’t mean to read you mind, honest.”

            I was a little strange, thinking your speech. When you speak, you have time to think about what you should say, but when you’re speaking with you thoughts, everything you think is heard.

            “That’s okay,” I tell her, and couldn’t help to add in, “I think.” I didn’t mean to add it in, but when your thoughts aren’t exactly to yourself, it’s hard to keep some things out.

            Neither of us spoke for a long moment, and I felt her thoughts start to drift off to something else, but I thought, maybe she could help me, discover my past…..Can she see memories as well?

            “What did you see?” I asked, very curious about what she could find.

The End

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