No one ever listens to me. Even when they should.

I knew it would all go wrong. Had I not said to Konrad that this would all go wrong? The silver, I mean. Because I said to him “don’t make me do it” and he made me do it. And it went wrong. I have absolutely no control over it. It’s controlling me and the beast. The more I try to get it under control, the more wrong everything goes.

I have a mini break through as my foot comes down towards Konrad’s face, managing to sway myself away from him. The woman I fed from has gone away, which is a shame really; I’m still kinda hungry, though it hardly registers through the power coursing through me from that silver. Before, the old scars had just sat there doing not very much. This new silver has set it all off...

My mini break through is thwarted, though as I simply use the movement away from him to add more momentum to the original motion. Konrad, however, was clever enough to move at least his head out from under my foot. I instead brought my foot crashing down on his shoulder. There was a hideous crunching noise as I broke something – armour? Bone? – I can’t tell and I don’t look. It doesn’t seem to stop him at any rate.

He picks himself up and wrestles me to the ground. I choke and throw a few punches at him that surprise even me. I can feel the silver drawing lines on my throat and they tighten and twist, loosen and wriggle. The lines don’t go past my jaw, stopping just above my Adam’s apple. I can hear Konrad talking again.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ He shouts. The words blur and I wince at their volume. I struggle but Konrad is slightly better prepared this time and manages to hold me down. When I speak, it’s not my own voice I hear.

‘I’m just a vessel, Konrad,’ a bubble of laughter follows the words, ‘the silver is in control now. Not the beast, not Jesse. Not you.’ More laughter. To me, things are fading in and out, like someone is playing with the lighting and sounds. I blink a few times, breathless. Abruptly, Konrad isn’t there anymore. I’ve thrown him off. Or the silver did. I feel kinda light headed, but it apparently doesn’t show on my face. The silver is on the move again, receding into my body. I would really like to know what is going on. Someone? Please?

I fall to my knees and the pain from the impact is like the sun coming down and smacking me in the head. That was probably one of the more random things that has ever happened to me. Possibly the most random thing. I groan, rubbing my temples. Konrad stands over me and I growl at him to back off.

The End

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