Not A Word


“Jesse, heal her now!” Konrad ordered. Jesse just ignored him, eyes lingering on the blood spilling in a scarlet fountain from her wrist. Silver patterns formed on Jesse’s hand, and Konrad was suddenly concerned. The Silver shouldn’t be doing that. It was Powerful, but even so…


“Jesse, what are you doing? Stop it, Jesse. Stop it NOW!” he yelled. Even Konrad was unnerved by this blatant flouting of the rules of nature. Jesse was a freak, and if he didn’t sort himself out soon, Konrad would have no choice but to put him out of his misery. One thing Konrad had to do first, though; save the woman. It was his fault, she had found her and brought her here for the idiot to feed on. The Beast. Near-uncontrollable for some. Others just didn’t care. He sighed and exerted his own Power, twisting the Silver in Jesse’s body. It multiplied, and some of it split off, in search of his limbs. Suddenly, the Silver became solid, freezing Jesse’s limbs where they were.

“Now, stay there until you learn some restraint,” Konrad snarled, before turning to the woman and quickly healing her wounds. He pushed her away, with a final warning, “Not a word of this to anyone,”

Not exactly pleased, but satisfied with the results of this 'outing', he turned around, only to find Jesse standing there, and suddenly there was a huge burst of pain in his abdominal area as Jesse punched him. He was astounded by the strength behind the attack and it knocked him over. The last thing he saw was Jesse's boot getting closer to his face, and his voice mocking him from above. 

"Good day, Konrad,"

The End

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