Loneliness Again

Jenny’s ignoring me. Typical: I come to help the friend I have forgiven and she just brushes me off. As a teardrop falls like a diamond down my cheek, I turn away and cross the Bus to Raven. The creature, a real raven again, is sitting in Row five or six near Bas and Phoebe. In her feathered hands she holds a lilac crystal in a velvet pouch of slightly darker purple, which occasionally she takes out and smiles gently at. The raven’s smile is odd; harsh and beaky but with a kind glaze to her eyes and a shine to her face.

“Hey, Raven? I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you earlier. I had trouble with my…friend…”

I frown at her confused face that looks up at me, like a child being told off. Maybe she hadn’t taken in my features when I was helping her in the road, so therefore I explain those events again to her quickly.

“Do you remember me?” I query, praying that another person isn’t just waiting to get rid of me. I feel as lonely as when I woke up for the first time on the Bus; and now I know that nobody loves me…

The End

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