The beast and its silver.

I must have passed out because I realise my eyes are closed, I’m on the floor and I can feel Konrad’s boredom. And I can smell... human. Hunger and the beast grab me and I hardly notice the strain in my deprived muscles as I rise and near the woman. Konrad stops transforming out of boredom and watches as I break the bonds he put on the woman. She quivers with fear and it only spurs me on.

She tries to resist, pulling her arm back towards her as I lift her hand to my mouth. I let her think she’s stronger, teasing, holding her hand limply. Her feet are still bound, she can’t go anywhere. And we already know I like to play with my food. I leer at her, getting close. She recoils and I push her backwards. My movement is too quick for her and she doesn’t have time to catch herself. She begins to push herself up but I pin her down. I tug at her wrist again, bringing it to my face, inhaling deeply, the scent of adrenaline strong in her blood.

I scratch her wrist and she winces. A bead of blood grows from the shallow cut and I lick it off with a smile. Her tears are coming now, thick and fast, terrified by the red eyed creature holding her to the ground. Unable to toy with her any longer, I cut her wrist open, the deep gash spilling blood like a water feature spills water. I lap it up and fix my mouth to the wound hungrily, drinking deep. Her body grows limp beneath me and Konrad taps my shoulder, telling me not to drain her. I look around at him and stick two fingers in the gash to keep the blood in.

‘Heal her, Jesse and we can go back to the building.’ He says. The beast revolts. It’s growling angrily. Of course my sanity is there, my human sensibilities are still in full control, but the beast is pissed off. I’m tempted to give in and ignore his words. How I just want to drain her. How good she tastes. I feel the blood trickling through my fingers, being wasted slowly. The thought makes my head spin. He’s making me waste the blood! Silver glows on my hands, angry and twisting around under my skin, burning a new pattern into the backs of my hands.

The End

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