The Madness of Jenny (Part 2)

Jenny was having a fit. In fact that was putting it lightly. Jenny was manic!

"I can read your thoughts!" she had said before writhing about in the seat next to me-trying, obviously to overcome some greater force. I wonder, can Jenny really read minds? That is doubtful, but one can never know-The Lord may have sent her and given her this gift for a reason.

The unfortunate girl must be inhabited by some terrible demon…At one point she was a blushing violet apologising for being rude, the next moment she was a writhing devil telling me: “You should be ashamed of yourself, sir. Dirty, your thoughts are."

Okay, maybe she can read minds. What is she? It…she…whatever, is right though. I should be ashamed of my thoughts. But, you know, it seems strangely right, what I want in my mind.

I look back at the poor creature who now seems to be arguing with herself but appears to have forgotten I am here. I wonder (again) if heavenly beings could also have multiple personality disorders. Jenny really has made me wonder about Angels and Demons a lot today. I don’t know what the time is-on a Bus like this seconds merge into minutes, and the minutes fade into hours. I have a feeling the group I was originally taking on a school trip should be getting off soon, but they all seem to have gone. All but Meg… We should exit the Bus but there’s something mesmerising here. Something holding us back. Like a story, I can’t wait for whatever’s next.

“Jenny,” I shake her gently, hoping for the reaction I don’t receive.

“I will not give in,” she mumbles to herself. This isn’t going to be easy.

“Meg,” I call the girl who comes almost instantly. I knew she had a heart of gold, that girl. Heart of Gold.

At least Jenny was giving Meg and I a chance to talk!


“Meg,” a voice calls for me. And there’s only one person in the world who misses the ‘I’ and ‘E off my nickname. The same guy who wears ridiculous burgundy trousers…I look over at Aidan; he’s standing over a limp Jenny. Vampires can wait-although everything I have been overhearing is interesting, I have other, more important, things to consider now. I have a friend to save.

I hurry over to Row 13 and start the Drs ABC. Danger? Well, we’re on a bus with a small hole out the back… Response? “Jenny can you hear me?” Well, does burbling count?

She came back round to normality just as I was looking for someone to shout to.  Boy, I wish that escort was back on the Bus, things are getting out of hand again. The vampires are fighting the snake (and each other), the girl with a vampire brother is moodily eating haribos (Haribos? What did I hear her say earlier about those sweets?) and Raven has collapsed again. I think I should help her too, in a minute.

At least we don't have any more murders. That I should be thankful for.

The End

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