Indeed It Isn't

“Forever isn’t long enough” Phoebe said, before kissing him forcefully, but with all the gentleness of a kitten. Basilic smiled in his head. He wasn’t sure she would like than analogy. She thought out loud, I love you. Basilic drew her closer, and broke the kiss.

“Indeed it isn’t, Phoebe. I just wish I had longer,” he whispered before kissing her again, starting so gentle he couldn’t feel her lips against his, but then he sank into it, and it became more forceful again. He ran his hand carefully through her reddish-brown hair, and pictured her eyes, so alive, so fiery, so… Unique… In his mind, and then the rest of her grew around them. He saw her in his mind, but that was nothing compared to the real Phoebe.

The End

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