Idiotic Vampire

“Jesse, what the hell are you doing now?” Konrad sighed, before he heard Jesse call out mentally. He really was in pain. Mother damn you, Jesse, Konrad silently cursed. He knelt next to the vampiric idiot and made the nail on his index finger sharpen, before using it to slit his other palm, revealing a single drop of blood. He let this trickle down his finger lazily, before grabbing Jesse’s jaw and forcing it open so that the drop of blood slid down his throat. Jesse convulsed, and then slipped into a semi-sleeping state. Konrad knew it wouldn’t last long. He sighed, and slipped out of the building, intending to bring a human back for the idiot to feed on.

Quarter of an hour later, Konrad returned with a young woman, no older than 20, and created bonds and  gag for her until Jesse woke up. He got bored and started transforming in front of the woman, amused at the look of horror on her face as he became all manner of ‘scary’ animals and creatures. Finally, Jesse stirred and looked between Konrad and the woman, seeming not comprehending what he was seeing. 

The End

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