Why do I not listen to my own instincts?

‘I’ll run, thank you.’ These are the first words to slip out of my mouth as Konrad finishes speaking. He laughs. At me. Not with me. Bastard. ‘Alternatively, you could teach me, like I believe you said you would.’ I think my sanity is slipping. Talking back to an Elder? Madness.

There's not time now, Jesse. I shall teach you when we get to the airport. Now shut up and stop complaining.’ Konrad says. I glare at him for a moment and mutter ‘I’m not gonna be no rodent.’ Under my breath, knowing full well he can hear me. He might be an old fart, but he’s not exactly deaf. I bend over to pick up my jacket and gripped by a wave of pain, I tumble to the concrete floor, landing painfully. My jaw takes most of the blow. I roll onto my side and groan, my hand clenched around my jacket. The shades slipped off my face as I landed and now I squint into the bright light.

‘Not good.’ I mumble, pushing myself up. I put a hand to my forehand and in a futile gesture, try to rub away the pulsing headache that’s now sending shocks of agony through my whole body. I reach for the shades and push them back on. ‘Definitely should have eaten before trying to make silver...’ I murmur.


The End

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