Dry Sense of Humour


Konrad smiled. He knew how he could catch up with the bus, certainly. He could fly, or transform into a dozen other animals that could catch up with it, and he knew where it was going, anyway. So, it was just a matter of getting Jesse to be able to catch up. He thought about it for two minutes, and then came up with an idea. His grin widened, and he started chuckling dryly to himself. Jesse would not like what he had in mind at all. After all, who would like to be in mouse form when he was an owl, flying a hundred feet above the ground. He could just… Slip, accidentally… No-one would ever know any different.


“Jesse, you want to know how we could catch up with the bus? I have an idea…” and then he quickly outlined his plan. “But I don’t have to be an owl if you don’t want,” 

The End

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